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giovedì 8 marzo 2012

a woman's word

You gotta be fortunate

You gotta be lucky now

I was just sitting here

Thinking good and bad

But I'm the kinda woman

That was built to last

They tried erasing me

But they couldn't wipe out my past

To save my child

I'd rather go hungry

I got all of Ethiopia

Inside of me

And my blood flows

Through every man

In this godless land

That delivered me

I've cried so many tears even the blind can see

This is a woman's world.

This is my world.

This is a woman's world

For this man's girl.

There ain't a woman in this world,

Not a woman or a little girl,

That can't deliver love

In a man's world.

I've born and I've bread.

I've cleaned and I've fed.

And for my healing wits

I've been called a witch.

I've crackled in the fire

And been called a liar.

I've died so many times

I'm only just coming to life.

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